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Ineed help with one translation

Dobro vece!!!! I´m studying serbian, but I have one doubt with one phrase...the phrase is "I bukvalno me utera u bas, totalno smesno zar ne ali ok"....I tried to translate it with on-line translator but I cannot get the correct translation, because I don´t know if this phrase is a colloquial phrase, has a special translation or if is a serbian expression...Could you help me, please??

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    Let's see,
    Bukvalno - literally (I think this is most likely turkish word, but it's widely used);
    Utera - not something you say on job interview, it means to push in, so although it can be used in numerous occasions, there is often someone around who'll turn it into a sex related joke;
    Bas - the way people in belgrade call buses, it's actually transcription of english word bus, which is pronounced as "bas" and therefore, serbs write as they speak, it is written as "bas" as well.
    This sentence is written as it took place at the time of speaking, but it's usual way of talking about past events, as it is perfect tense.
    So, translation would be something like:
    He literally shoved me in the bus, totally funny, isn't it? But fine (I don't care).

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