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To my Indian and Pakistanis friends...

I'm here to improve my Hindi and Urdu .I comprehensionly understand what Indian people say but hard to speak like I would like to ask you guys to send me Indian phrases and I'm ganna translate them back and all you have to do is correcting them ...would you ?

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    Here are some you can practice upon

    1. Chinta mat karo
    2. Aap kahan se hain?
    3. Aapke parivaar mein aur kaun hai?
    4. Aap kya kaam karte hain?
    5. Main aapki baat nahi samajhi
    6. Aaj mera janam din hai
    7. Main aur mera bhai kal ghar jaa rahe hain
    8. Main aapki bahut aabhaari hoon
    9. Main apni Hindi ko aur behtar banana chahti hoon
    10. Kya aap mujhey in shabdon ka arth bata sakte hain.

    Try translating these. Give it a try and I will correct later :)

    All the best :)

    where are you going? - Aap kahan jaa rahe (rahi if female) hain?
    or Tum kahan jaa rahe ho?

    what are you doing? - Tum kya kar rahe ho?
    How do you get here? - Yahan kaise pahunchte hain?
    who is helping you with the bills? - Tumhare bill kaun bharta hai? Or
    Bill bharne main tumhari madad kaun karta hai?

    where are you originally from? - Aap kahan se hain?
    How was the weather? - Mausam Kaisa tha?
    Is anyone home? - Kya koi ghar pe hai?
    who are you? - Tum kaun ho?
    seriously what you are doing? - Tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?
    what's your favorite Team? - Tumhari pasandeeda (Pasand-eeda) team kaun si hai?

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