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Is German easier to learn than Italian for a native English/Spanish speaker?

Thanks Guys :)

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    I would say Italian is easier to learn than German for an English/Spanish speaker. There are many similarities between Italian and Spanish. For example "I've seen", "Ho visto" (Italian) and "He visto" (Spanish). I once knew a native Spanish speaker who told me he understood a lot of Italian even though he never studied any of it.

    German is very unique, and having the advantage of knowing English/Spanish doesn't necessarily mean it will be easier to understand it and speak it with a good German accent.

    Although you are very fluent in English or Spanish (or they are even your mother tongues), you may face some difficulties with both of them.

    Spanish and Italian are very similar because their roots are the same. Nontheless, many Italians think that they speak a fluent Spanish even if they speak only few words of it!!! I think it is very easy for us to get to a good level of understanding, but still we get to a point where we must work very hard to speak it very fluently. I reckon it is the same for Spanish speakers that want to learn Italian.

    English and German are more different from each other. Although many words are similar in writing, it does not mean that they are spoken the same way, so I suppose your English does not help much.

    I would say that German has many rules and few exceptions, whilst Italian has many exceptions and few rules. Like our Countries... :D

    Let's put it this way: do you like music? if the answers is yes, then Italian will be easier to learn .. ;)

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