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翻訳はいいですか? (is that a good translation (jp->eng))

Hi ! I wanted to translate that:


first line hard to translate because it's a pun (same pronounciation, 「寝子」「猫」= "neko")
"small sleeper" is written like "cat".

second line:
sometimes I though to become a cat, but the cat's life is hard.

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    I think both of your translations are almost right.
    But it is difficlt to express first line without Japanese word, you know.
    So, I translated below with using Japanese words.

    "寝子(small sleeper or sleeping child)" is able to be pronounced as "neko(猫(cat))".

    "寝子" is not a general word, so we confuse that pronaunciation,
    though Japanese people can understand the meaning because of kanji.
    On the other hand, "猫(neko)" is a very common word.

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