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"Gostar" and the preposition "de"


Hi everybody,

So I do know that "gostar" and the preposition "de" go together in at least some cases. For instance, if I want to say, "I like the Portuguese language," it would probably be "Eu gosto da lingua portuguesa." But what if the syntax changes, like in a question such as "Which languages do you like?" Would it be "Quais linguas você gosta?" or would do I have to include the preposition somehow?

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    Actually "gostar" is a transitive verb that requires the use of the preposition "de" at all times. Unfortunately, sometimes the preposition is lacking due to colloquial speaking mistakes.

    The example you've given "Quais línguas você gosta?" is not fully correct. You should use "De que línguas você gosta?" or "Quais são as línguas de que você gosta?" instead.

    I hope I've helped.

    Pay attention, like in English, in Portuguese, we have some verbs which need preposition (s), and in this case, the verb like (gostar) needs the preposition of (de)... For example, in English, we say: I like you, and in Portuguese: Eu gosto de você! Alright, good learnings...

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