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Ciao miei amici. Question: how to use 'degli', 'delle', 'dei' ?

On Rosetta Stone it's showing me the following:

*picture of 3 girls* = delle bambine
*picture of 4 boys* = dei bambini
*picture of 3 men* = degli uomini
*picture of 3 women* = delle donne

How is "delle donne" different from "le donne", and "delle bambine" different from "le bambine" ? Do they both mean "women" and "children" (feminine) ?

Thank you, my friends.

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    The rule is simple, and the meaning is also simple:
    We have six determinative articles in Italy, giving the following
    six relations:
    dello = di + lo (of the)
    del = di + il
    della = di + la
    degli = di + gli
    dei = di + i
    delle = di + le

    With not determinative articles, you just say: di un, di uno, di una.


    If in a picture there are " delle bambine" it means there are " alcune bambine" ( some young girls/ female children)
    If in a picture there are " delle donne" it means there are " alcune donne" ( some women)
    If in a picture there are " degli uomini" it means there are" alcuni uomini" ( some men)
    If in a picture there are" dei bambini" it means there are" " alcuni bambini ( some children : they can be male or male and female together).
    In these sentences "delle, degli, dei" have the meaning of SOME ( alcuni, alcune) . ( In these cases this function is called partitive function)
    The same function is in the following sentence:"Please, can you give me some bread?" in Italian :" Per favore, puoi darmi/ passarmi DEL pane ( ... del pane = un po' di pane= some bread).
    Del , dello, della ( singolar) / Dei, degli, delle ( plural) can have also other functions other meanings .
    One example : " E' molto pericoloso avvicinarsi alla tana DEI leoni " ( It is very dangerous to come up to the den OF THE lions/ the lions'den)
    Del, dello, Della, Dei , Degli, Delle are called = preposizioni articolate . They are formed with the preposizione DI+ THE DETERMINATIVE ARTICLE.
    I am not sure if I have understood your question well. I hope yes.
    they mean "some" so for ex: some women delle donne

    masculine: dei (read: day) before consonants feminine :delle (read dell-eh) before vowels and consonants
    masculine :degli (readdeh-lyee) before vowels, z, gn, or s + cons.
    if you understood this you will get also how to use them and how they are made.

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