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Good Russian Radio or Podcasts?

I was talking to a Russian friend about good radio. He recommended "Silver Rain". My question to the rest of you: which audio do you recommend for learning Russian? Send your suggestions to me.

For learning: Russian
Base language: English
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    If you have an account at, which would be pretty wise if you learn Russian, just find there the "Радио" application. You can choose a station for yourself. Will it be Russian pop-music, Russian rock, News? It depends only on your taste.

  - There is russian podcasts. - There is russian radio stations.

    lot of russian radiostations. To tell the truth, I am not sure if it works abroad. Tell us if it does :)

    Mayak. The good old russian radio.

    Информационные радиостанции:
    Вести FM-
    Радио России-
    Эхо Москвы-

    Музыкальные радиостанции:
    Европа Плюс-
    Милицейская волна-
    Наше Радио-

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