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Please could you tell me the English translations of the following words:

- Ous nay
- Uss ne
- Kya us nay
- Us nahy
- Kis nay

And when would you use these words in sentences? Also, do you spell the words "socks" as "mozay" or "mauzay"?

Thank you.

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    They all are same Us ne is used when some one in Third person has done an action in the past

    Usne Paani Piya - He Drank Water
    Usne Khana Khaya - She ate food
    Usne apna kaam kar liya hai - He or she has done his or her work
    Ghadi tooti hui hai. Usne kaam karna band kar diya hai - The Clock is broken. It has stopped woking.

    Mozay means Socks

    Mere mozay kahan hain? - Where are my socks?
    Kya tumne mere mozay dekhe hain? = Have you seen my socks?
    Kya usne - Did /Has - he/ she/ it

    Kya usne apna kaam khtam kar liya = Has he /she completed his/her work?

    Kya usne mujhse jhooth bola - Did he lie to me?
    Kisney = Who?

    Wazir-e-Azam ka qatl kisney kiya? - Who murdered the Prime Minister?

    Yes, us ka means his/her.
    us nay means he/she has/had.

    1)'wo qalam us ka hai " ="that pen belongs to him/her"
    2)"us nay apna kaam poora kar liya" = "he/she has finished his/her work"

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