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how can i say, i am student, hard worker, and friendly person. in Farsi?

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    من دانش آموز/ دانشجو هستم. من آدم سخت کوش و مهربانی هستم.

    hard worker:کوشا،پرتلاش
    friendly:صمیمی،گرم ،با محبت

    I = من --> man (a is pronounced like fan)
    am = هستم --> hastam
    student = دانش آموز / دانشجو --> dAneshjoo (A is pronounced like u in Umberella) (if you are in university) or dAnesh Amooz (if you are in school)
    hard worker = پرتلاش --> por talAsh
    and = و --> va
    friendly = خونگرم --> khoon garm
    person = آدم / شخص --> Adam
    so it will be
    Man dAneshjoo / dAnesh Amuz hastam. Man Adam-e- por talAsh va khoon garmi hastam.

    i = من
    you= تو
    he and she = او.not difference
    we = ما
    you=شما that is for are students

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