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Why is "Ich habe zugenommen" with haben and not sein?

It is an obvious change of state and there is no direct object; should it then not be with Sein?

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    Sometimes there is no logic. All words with "-nehmen" need "haben".
    (aufnehmen, einnehmen, abnehmen, mitnehmen, vernehmen, benehmen, annehmen...)
    I always tell my students "there is never an "always" in the german grammar, just a "mostly" :)


    There are only a few words in German that are used with "sein"...

    Like for example:

    gehen - ich bin gegangen
    laufen - ich bin gelaufen
    hüpfen - ich bin gehüpft
    fahren - ich bin gefahren
    fallen - ich bin gefallen

    To put it simply: Words that express a locomotion are formed with "sein".
    And "sein" itself:
    sein - ich bin gewesen

    "zunehmen" does not make you change any location although you might get bulkier... Your feet stay where they are.

    [Edit: Oh, I can edit again. I didn't know that. Read my first comment, pls, for further information.]

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