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What do people eat for breakfast in the Arab world?


I know that in every country there is different food. The most popular Middle Eastern food is the Mediterranean cuisine y3ani tabouleh, salads, kibbe, falafel, pita bread, humus, baba ghonoush, kabobs, shawarma etc.

In Egypt a think beans "ful" are popular, koshari soup dish, and in Upper Egypt some people cook little birds "pigeons" ana msh motakeda...I need to learn more about Egyptian cuisine.

All this food sounds great for lunch or for dinner. But what do you eat for breakfast? y3ani the most important meal of the day.

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    In Algeria , ( café-au-lait ) coffee with milk is the most popular breakfast . With bread and jam or butter , nutella , or sweets like croissant ...

    it is different from country to another in Egypt we have Egyptian beans and ta"maia

    In Morocco I usually breakfast 9ahua mehersa (coffe with a pic of milk, only a pic), fresh cheese (jibna) with fried eggs (bida) with olive oil (zeit dial zeitun), salt (mel7) and pepper and olives ... All in the same dish... saha!
    In Palestine & Jordan, usually breakfast>>> Falafel, Labaneh, olive, Tomato......

    In Palestine usually they eat for the breakfast...
    Homos,Ful,Falafel,labaneh,zaytoon,olive's oil with zaa'tar and some slides of tomatoes.
    I think breakfast is not the most important meal in Egypt. Lunch is usually the main meal of the day. There are some popular dishes such as Koshary and Molokhia. For breakfast, Ful medames & Ta3maya!
    وبالهنا والشفا

    foul and falafel are the most popular breakfast. especially for poor people. Some people don't even eat breakfast. The most important meal is the lunch.

    fool we ta3mia :D
    aw some kinds of cheese with french bread or eggs
    don't be Egyptioniezd girl lol :D
    t3ali masr we ana 7a2klk a7la fetar ;)

    Sounds lovely! Yes, beans and ta'amia are so famous ones for breakfast. Koshery is so famous as well. You can find a lot of restaurants around Egypt to try all these kinds of food. As for 'Pigeons' - not only people in the Upper Egypt cook it but it's very famous in every place.

    Bon appetit! ;)))

    in Jordan ---> Humus , Flafel , Fool , labneh , zet w za3tar

    bi lebnen ba3ed fi : za3tar+labne+makdoos+7ommos w fool+kibbi blaban+5ebez mar2oo2+7alib tabi3i

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