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"I like you" in Ukrainian

Hi, I'm little bit confused :)
How is "I like you" in Ukrainian? What are the different ways to express friendship (but not love)? For example when I say to girl:
"Я люблю тебе" - does it mean "I like you" or "I love you"?
Thank you :)

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    I think you have a few variants:

    1. "Ти менi подобаєшся" - sympathy for somebody.

    2. "Я люблю тебе" - more strong feeling. It is used usually for relations, nearest friends, boy-friends or girl-friends. Also it is used for inanimate things (motherland, language etc). But you must be careful using this expression.

    3. "Я кохаю тебе" - only romantic love.

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