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How do you translate "monter aux levres" in English?


The expression appeared in this phrase: "..elle avait de la peine a retenir un certain mot bien francais qui lui montait aux levres, et faisait semblant de ne pas avoir entendu". I didn't find the expression in the dictionnary. Any ideas?

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    "Du bout des lèvres" signifie dire quelque chose sans y croire vraiment.
    Il m´a dit qu´il viendrait mais il me l´a dit sur le bout des lèvres. (N´y compte pas trop.)


    "monter aux lèvres" is a bit like "brûler les lèvres". It means she was thinking about saying something (bad or witty) and was struggling to refrain saying them. If you translate litteraly your expression, it means the words was raising to her lips. I'm not sure what would be the common expression in English, but I suggest something like "sprung to her mind".

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