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guide dogs and seeing eye dogs??

Who can tell me difference between guide dogs and seeing eye dogs?
Which one is commonly used it?
thank you ~

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    A "seeing-eye dog" is a name for a blind person's guide dog. The dog serves as that person's "seeing eye" (i.e., an eye which can see).

    A guide dog could also be for a person with poor hearing, in this case - the guide dog is not a "seeing-eye dog".

    A "guide dog" is a dog whose job is to help "guide" its owner during their daily life, especially while walking in public, where there is more danger (for example, crossing the street).

    就是說,一個 seeing-eye dog 是一種 guide dog。
    The terms 'guide dog' and 'seeing eye dog' can be used interchangeably; they are both common usage.

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