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Mean of" Em " in Vietnamese Langauage

I know the meaning of "Em" This word mean "you" or "I " in English. But I could not use this word in Writing or Conversation, Because "EM" Mean is
Very close Lady or young lady or Lover etc. I feel like vietnamese use this
word often with even only a friend. Japanese always consider deepness relationship. Please advise me Usage of "EM" in Vietnam

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    You can use "em" to call somebody if you know (or guess) he/she is younger than you as well as vice versa, call yourself if you younger than him/her

    In some cases for respecting the others (example: your child's teacher, your boss, higher authorities...) DO NOT use this word even if they are indeed younger than you, just call "anh","chị"...

    At last, I want to notice you: the address form is very very complex in Vietnamese, sometime we even call the opposite side completely based on feeling

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