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Reflexné slovesá?

Len som začala učiť sa slovenský jazyk, preto viem, že budem vedieť viac o jazyka a gramatiky potom. Ale mám otázku.

Ako časovať slovenské reflexné slovesá? ‚Volá sa…‘ je správne, alebo ‚sa volá…‘? Alebo táto pocit? Ja obaja vidím v mojich hodinách.

Ďakujem :)

(PS: Not sure how much sense I made here! I would like to know when is 'volá sa...' correct as opposed to 'sa volá...'. I see both in my lessons, and for now I think this would make more sense when I have a better feel for the language.)

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    Hi Alisa,

    I'll try to explain it from what I do know...

    The reflexive (3. alebo 4. pád) in Slovak comes "as second as possible" in a sentence. So you'd never begin a sentence with "sa/si", but depending on the other words, the reflexive can be shuffled forward, before the verb. I'm still trying to get my head around it (especially when I use compound sentences and adverbs of time), but that seems to be the general idea.

    in my opinion you can use both :) when you say "Volá sa Alice" you must take name after "sa", and where you say "Ona sa volá Alice" you must take there good pronoun.. but i think for you is better "Volá sa" :)

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