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Women should reassume the role of housewifes to reduce unemployment?

Do you agree or disagree with this point of view? Please state your reasons and give examples to support your ideas.

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    Unemployment is a 'nonsense' issue. It means that some nonsense has prevented people from having jobs. The nonsense is related to the economy, so it can't be removed overnight. The nonsense travels the world, and invades different countries. Some businesses will work extremely hard to create more nonsense in the economy.

    It's hard to balance between complex and basic models for the economy. Every model is attacked by nonsense. Some countries try to extend welfare to cover the nonsense issues.

    Competitive trade has no concern with any nonsense in the market. Women in the workplace are as equally attractive as men. Any nonsense that drives too many women out of the workforce will scare investors. Don't make nonsense in the workplace, and your economy will always grow in this universe.

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