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中文文法 = Chinese Grammar 。。。

Hi ! I need help to know if my exemples are correct !

中文文法 = Chinese Grammar
英文文法= English grammar
俄文文法 = Russian grammar
法文文法 = French grammar

And I would like to know what is the difference between:
法文文法 and 法国文法

And finally to know if: 中国文学 means Chinese Literature and if it’s the same thing with :

Thank you a lot.

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    sorry I think that literature is quite different with grammar.Grammar is a usage structure of language to the sentence or article.Literature means the articles,I think “中文语法” or "汉语语法“ is more formal to express.

    >>>中文文法 = Chinese Grammar
    no, it's Chinese syntax
    Chinese grammar will be 汉语语法

    phrases about English, Russian and French are correct but they are about syntax, not grammar

    法国文法 is a wrong phrase

    文学 is literature but 文法 is syntax

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