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How to say "About" in Japanese? ^_^

For example "About 20 minutes"
Also, how to say "(I will come in) more 20 minutes" [I learnt it from a Japanese friend but I forgot and the only thing I remember is it started with "あと"]
And also, how would you say this in Japanese- "About him/her" [ex. This song is about him].
ありがつおおきに!(<-I know it is Osaka dialect and is used by older people but I love saying it rather than "ありがとうございました" ever since I saw the movie "Hotaru no Haka")

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    "About 20 minutes"=やく20ぷん
    "(I will come in) more 20 minutes"=あと20ぷん(でいくよ)
    "About him/her"=かれ/かのじょについて or かれ/かのじょについての
    This song is about him=これは、かれについてのうたです。

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