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Quem lhe fala mal de outra pessoa, provavelmente falará mal de você também.

What does "lhe" mean here and how to use it grammatically correct? And what does "falar mal de" mean? Me conte, por favor!

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    LHE is the indirect object of "ele" or "ela", and also "você".

    Eu o (direct object) vi ontem e lhe (indirect object) dei o livro.
    I saw him yesterday and gave him the book.

    Fui ao centro e comprei-lhe um presente.
    I went downtown and bought her/him a gift.

    Não a ajudamos porque já lhe havíamos dito pra não ir lá.
    We didn't help her because we had already told her not to go there.

    Se você não vier, não vou poder lhe informar.
    If you don't show up, I won't be able to inform you.
    Obs: (this usage is rather dialectal or formal, people would usually use "te" even with "você")

    Falar mal de: to badmouth, to say bad things about someone or something, especially when you're gossipping.

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