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I'm trying to figure out how to spell hungry in Arabic. But seems I can't. I can't find the special third letter. Any one knows where to Find this letter on the keyboard??? جانع. (Third letter)

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    use this letter : ئ

    Marhaban ..

    If you are using windows operating system , then from START menu choose execute ( win Xp ) or type in the bar the command "charmap" without quotes , and you will find all latin / arabic characters .

    For جائع use ئ ( natural form when it's isolated ) , when it's connected it will be ئـ

    you can find it here too :

    Hope it helps :D

    ئ=z in keyboard

    W key for the AZERTY keyboard
    Z for the QUERTY one
    good luck

    Use this letter ئ, you will find it in the same place of the Z letter


    It's Clear on the keyboard ....THe same Place as (Z) .. ئ

    use this letter : ئ=z

    in my keyboard this character ئ is in the same place as ( w)

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