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How to learn Portuguese easily?

How do you learn Portuguese?
Because that language is so confusing... Very hard to understand
Mohon bantuannya

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    First of all, there is no easy way to learn a second language. The Portuguese verbal conjugation and the grammatical gender might seem a little confusing at the beginning but they will come in handy after you fully understand them. I adivise you to talk to a lot of native speakers, watch as many movies, series and soap operas in Portuguese as possible, listen to plenty of Portuguese songs and read all sorts of things you find in Portuguese. Look for simple lessons on the internet. Oh, and if you have questions, you can ask us whenever you want. Good luck!


    Oi, portugues é realmente dificil. Se tu quiseres eu posso te ajudar.
    Hi, portuguese is realy hard. If you want, I can help you.

    De fato é realmente difícil até mesmo para quem é nativo, imagino para quem não tem um contato direto com o idioma todos os dias.
    Não creio que exista uma maneira fácil, a não ser "arregaçar as mangas" e trabalhar.
    Posso ajudá-la.

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