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"Aliens' police" : a translation issue

I have recently come across a translated sign from Greek that read:
Aliens' Police, Lavrion
It meant to refer to the police immigration department. I know that an "alien" can mean a foreigner in English, but do you think this is a good sentence in English or will it make people think of E.T.??? :D

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    Well, the options are either "alien police" or "foreign police" (the plural possessive on the sign was incorrect). Of course, both of these phrases can have a different meaning, but in either case we understand from the context that they are the police who deal with foreigners living in the country.

    When I was in Slovakia, we used "the alien police" when talking about my residency. No problem there.

    This sounds funny in English at best and at worst means real aliens. I recommend the use of 'foreigners' rather than 'aliens' :)

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