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Would you say Italy is a matriarchal society?


I have the impression that Italian moms have a lot of power in the country. Would you agree or disagree and why?

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I was wondering if feminine psychological qualities(receptive, cooperative, sensitive etc.) are more mentally appreciated than masculine psychological qualities (Independent, analytical, competitive etc.) in Italian society.
For example, Marian apparition by Catholic beliefs, the "mammone", the rather "relaxed" social climate have something to do with psychological traits that are emphasized in your country?
I personally think it is fair to say Japan is fundamentally a matriarchal society because of Goddess Himiko(the first ruler of Japan), social history of family dynamics, traditional communal business management style etc, with a masculine system on top. I'm looking for opinions, not facts, I'd love to hear what you think as far as your position is backed up.

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    I would say that one issue is the public life, one issue is the private life. In Italy, like as scholars say in the Meditteranean societies taken in their common characteristics (quite few), the difference between private and public is very sharp.
    And please let's keep our national shame (Berlusconi) aside from serious issues.

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