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have someone can help me translate it.its turkish,and its a place of turkey

[yeşilyurt mahallesi 286 sokakakçeşme mahallesi 2018 sokak]

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    mahalle: district
    sokak: street

    I think this is not a proper address, or at least it cannot be an adress for only "one" place.
    Yeşilyurt mahallesi 286 sokak, akçeşme mahallesi 2018 sokak

    it is like some parts are taken from two different addresses.
    Yeşilyurt District, Street No 286
    Akçeşme Mahallesi Street no 2018

    If you know also the cities and the numbers of the buildings and the apartments for each address, then you can locate them Otherwise, they might not not help.

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