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Does "visitation" has any more senses ...


Does "visitation" has any more senses without:
1. visitation smb. (noun.)
2. to visit somebody (verb.)

maybe "religion visitation" or "God made me repent".....

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Thank you!!

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    Since you use "visitation" in the context of sentences being cut for good behavior and serving time, I interpret this to mean visitation to someone in prison. When someone is serving a prision sentence for some crime, they may have the right to be visited by their family or friends. That is what it sounds like to me. But, the word "visitation" could be used in religious, social, or official contexts.

    Visitation can also be a punishment from God, though sometimes it may also refer to some reward from God.

    It can also mean a visit from any supernatural being.

    'Visitation' often refers to seeing a ghost.

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