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Our oral English teacher asked us to finish some homework. 0ne of which is to ask some English native speakers 10questions and write down the answers. Would you please help me? 1 What do you always do in your free time? 2 What's your favourate book? 3 Who do you admire most? 4 Which kind of music do you like best? 5 Where do you want to go? 6 Which kind of job will you choose in the future? 7 Would you tell me something about your personality? 8 Which kind of food do you like best? 9 Which langu

give me a hand for my English learning

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    1. I love to surf the Internet in my free time
    2. My favourite book is 'Fortune is a woman' by Elizabeth Adler
    3. I admire anyone who is ambitious and will work hard to achieve their goal. For example:Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger & Barack Obama
    4. I like all kinds of music, but if I have to choose, I would say 'Reggae' music
    5. I would love to go to China
    6. In the future, I would love to be a diplomat
    7. I am a caring person
    8. I love jerked chicken and festival (Jamaican dish)
    9. This question was incomplete
    10. There was no question

    Good luck with your homework and I hope my responses were helpful.
    1. I am reading, listening music, searching for interesting sites in the internet.
    2.My favourite book is series os books about Harry Potter's advantures.
    3. I admire people who are loyal, hard-working, who loves studying, children, who respects others, who knows several foreign languages, who has aims in life, who are kind and so on.
    4.I like soul.
    5.I want to journey all over the world
    6.I do not know. There are so many choices.
    7.You can read about it in my profile.
    8. Meat, fruits, cakes, torts.
    9.Which language... - continue then...

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