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What does "del be del ra dare" mean?

Is it the same as "man ham hamintor"?

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    It's about the chemistry between people, your heart feels the affection which is given to it so it loves back.
    del means heart and "del be del rah dare" means there are ways between the human hearts without talking.

    this expression often use in conversation between two persons. that is mean that "I have same feeling like your feeling about me" and i think it usually used in greeting or dispute !!!! :)

    for example consider the conversation between two persons
    A : it is long time that we haven't met each other. I miss you :)
    B : "del be del rah dare"

    in fact it mean that "I miss you too".

    "del be del rah dare"
    It's Persian proverb .
    When you want something,and i come and say that i want this something,at that time you say this proverb.

    Good luck

    We use it when two person have the same feeling abouth sth. It means feeling is mutual. For example when someone tells me that he/she likes me, I say : I like you too, because feeling is mutual.

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