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What is the best way to practice the alphabet ?

As a beginner in studying the Greek language, I feel that the first milestone that I'll have to reach is to become able to (easily) know how a new written word should be pronounced .

Just staring at the alphabet doesn't really help ;)

The online resources are usually written for English native speakers (with explanations like θελω = theh-loh, μου = moo instead of thelo / mu). This kind of resources are not helping at all .

Something that for me works a bit is to listen to songs while trying to read the lyrics . But it's tedious to find the songs and the lyrics.

If there are people who have already managed to master the alphabet,
would you care to share your experience about how you've practiced it ?

For learning: Greek
Base language: English
Category: Language


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    My opinion is that learning any language on your own or using the internet can be somewhat helpful but really time consuming ("staring the letters of the alphabet"). Having lessons with a professional teacher can be the ideal choice for you. You have to bear in mind that a language has to do with reading, speaking, listening and writing so I do not think that someone can fully develop these skills by online resources.

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