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What are a few good vocabulary words for the topic of education?

I am calling a Persian friend tonight to practice my spoken farsi. We decided that we would talk about education.

I already know words like ostad, daneshjoo, yad migiram and daneshga but that is it. Can you give me a few more useful words that I can use in our discussion.
Kheili mamnoonam! you guys are always so helpful! :o)

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    passing=pas kardan
    failing=vahed oftadan
    boring=khaste konande
    intresting= jaleb
    psrticipate= sherkat kardan
    good results=natayeje khoob
    applying= paziresh gereftan
    accepting= ghabool kardan
    entrance exam= konkoor(iranian has konkoor exam for studying in higher education levels)

    these word are useful for speaking about your feeling about some classes and your score. for example:
    his class is really boring . So I don't like participate in it. I prefer to choose another course that the masters method of teaching is interesting for me
    informal: kelasesh vaghean baram khaste konandas behamin khater doos nadaram to kelesesh sherkat konam. tarjih midam ye vahede darsie dige bardaram ke raveshe tadrise ostadesh baram jaleb bashe.

    movafagh bashi=good luck

    daneshkade= college
    yad mi dam = i teach

    Bachelor's degree/ Licentiate degree = maghtae lisans/ maghtae karshenasi
    Master's Degree= maghtae karshenasi arshad/ foghe lisans
    Doctorate= doctora

    field= reshte
    university fields= reshtehaye daneshgahi

    These are some fields in Persian here:
    Engineering= mohandesi
    Law= hoghough
    Art= honar
    Fine Arts= honarhaye ziba
    Commerce= tejarat
    Architecture = memari
    Medicine = pezeshki
    Pharmacy= daroosazi
    Divinity= elahiyat
    Philosophy= falsafe
    Health= behdasht
    Administration= modiriyat

    Some other words:

    Exam= emtehan
    Preparing for exams= amade shodan baraye emtehanat
    The highest university= behtarin daneshgah / sathe balatarin daneshgah
    Pass= ghaboul shodan
    Fail= rad shodan
    Entrance exam= Azmoone vorodi

    state/public education :دولتی (dolati)
    private education: خصوصی ( khosoosi)
    professor :استاد (ostad)
    full-time: تمام وقت ( tamam vaght )
    part-time: نیمه وقت ( nime vaght )
    principal/headteacher:مدیر (modir)
    tutor:معلم خصوصی (moalleme khosoosi)
    teacher:معلم/آموزگار (moallem / amoozgar)
    credit : واحد درسی (vahed)
    faculty : دانشکده (daneshkade)
    study : تحصیل کردن(tahsil kardan)

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