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Would you please list a few good Persian pop artists?

I am starting to listen to Persian artists like siavash ghomayshi, Arash, googoosh and Amin marashi. So far I like the song "del del" by Amin marashi.

Can you recommend other artists or songs that are popular for young people in Iran?

Maybe you could tell me your favorite Persian song!

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    Mohsen Chavoshi , Sami Beigi, and, if you like rap, Erfan, Hichkas, Yas...there is an interesting movie about iranian music scene "No One Knows About Persian Cats" (Kasi az Gorbeha-ye Irani Khabar Nadareh)

    25 Band (Gahi Vaght ha),Ebi & Shadmehr(Royaye Ma),Farshid Amin,Kamran & Homan,Farzin ...... I think ,All of them have beautiful songs

    listen to high level artist.expect Googoosh others has not high level.I suggest you listen to EBI , Daryoush. Ofcourse some of them are funny but their poem are cheep.

    i'd suggest Mohsen Namju but some singers of old times like Kurosh Yaghmaii and Fereidun Forughi are great

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