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존댓말 과 반말: What is different between the 입니다-form and 요?

As far as I know, in korean language there is three levels of politeness. If I use 안녀하새요 as an example:
안녕 is 반말
안녀하새요 is 존댓말
But what would you call 안녕하십니까?

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    usually -입니까 form is more like written language and -요 is more like spoken language. Also, when you use -입니까, it sounds more formal than -요.

    First of all, it's "안녕하세요?" not "안녀하새요?".
    Both "안녕하세요?" and "안녕하십니까?" are polite words to say "How are you?" or "Hi".
    but, "안녕하십니까?" sounds more manly or formal, while "안녕하세요?" can be used by anyone.


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