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What are these in Bengali?

It doesn't make sense.
It's complicated.
A couple of mistake will not affect me in the long run.
I made a mistake.
You are wrong.
You are absolutely mistaken.
Who do you think you are?
You are pathetic.
What do you think of yourself?
What did you think? I'll let go off you so easily?

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    2.eha hoi khub jatil
    3. ek du to bhule bhavishyate ama kichu aise jaye na.
    4.ami bhul korechi.
    5.tumi bhul / tumi bhul nao
    6.tumi bhul korocho
    7.tumi ke/ ke tumi?
    8.tuma dara kichu hobe na/ tumar kache aasha kora bekar.
    9. tumi nije ke ki bhabo
    10. tumi ki bhable ? aami tumake ato sahoje jate debo.

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