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Cuál es el significado de la frase "ya esta"


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    It has two principle meanings:

    1) Something is ready or finished, short for "ya esta listo." : La comida ya esta - dinner is ready. Ya estas? Are you ready (to leave, dressed, etc.). Cuändo va a estar el informe? When is the report going to be done? Todo ya estä, solo faltan los globos. Everything is ready - all we need is balloons.

    2) "And that's it, and that's that, and that's all there is to it." When you talk about a final solution: Pagamos lo que haya que pagar y ya estä. We'll (just) pay what we have to pay and that's that. Lo pintas todo de blanco y ya estä. Just paint it all white and that'll be the end of that. Hoy vas a la escuela y ya estä. You're going to school today and that's final. etc..

    "Ya está". En México se usa entre compas (amigos) por que nooo es formal. Es como cuando quedas de verte con un amigo, tu dices "ya está ahí nos vemos" o solo "ya está". Es parecido a decir: "así será". También significa:" trato hecho"; pero solo con gente de confianza.
    espero te sirva

    "ya está" has many meanings depend on the context. I add another meaning to meanings named by Youali. "Ya está" it could be when something is prepared or something is done. For example, your food is ready to be eaten.
    Hope that my information will be useful.

    -Ya está la cena lista (you were waiting for it)
    -Me levanté, fui a la facultad, almorcé y ya está (you dind't do anything more)
    -Ya está: (it's enough)
    -Ya está? (anything more?)


    "Ya está" has several meanings.
    Could mean:
    "It's done"
    "It's ready"
    "It's OK like this way"
    It depends from the context.
    Hope that helps.

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