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hello,guys. Can you help me with this sentences? is it correct word order in parentheses?

1. The bride throws a bouquet of flowers in the air. ( what is the bride doing? )
2. The bride wears a long white dress. (what kind of dress does the bride wear?)
3. Young girls called bridesmaids follow the bride into church. (How called Young girls which follow the bride into church?)
4. The wedding ceremony often takes place in a church. (where does The wedding ceremony often take in?)
5. The groom arrived at the wedding before the bride. (who first did arrive at the wedding?)
6. After the ceremony the couple and their guests go to the reception.(what is the couple and their guests doing after the ceremony?)
7. The married couple often leave the party early to go on their honeymoon.(why the married couple leave the party early ?)
8. At the reception the couple and their guests drank champagne and ate cake. (what do they do at the reception?)
9. The ceremony usually takes place in a church or registry office.(Where does the wedding ceremony usually take in?)
10. A woman wears her wedding ring on the third finger of her left hand.(How does a woman wear her wedding ring?)
11. At the wedding meal the best friend of the groom makes a speech. (what does the best friend of the groom make at the wedding meal?)
12. The bride and groom cut the wedding cake together.(What do they do together?)
13. He asked her out and they went on a date to the cinema.(what did he ask her about?)
14. They seem to have a lot in common and they get on really well. (what kind of relationship between them?)
15. Kathleen’s going out with a journalist.(who is Kathleen going out with?)
16. They were going out together but she didn’t want to get married to him.(what are they doing together? )
17. He was crazy about her and she was in love with him too. (what did they feel for each other?)
18. They had a big argument and split up. (why did they split up?)
19. They went on a date to the cinema. (Where did they go on a date?)
20. They fell in love very quickly. (what about their relationships?)
21. Friends say I have a full life and ask why I want a new partner.(What do they ask me about?)
22. The number of divorces is increasing all the time. (what is increasing nowadays?)
23. Many people get divorced nowadays. (What do the many people get nowadays?)
24. America’s biggest internet dating agency had more than 6 million members. (How many members did America’s biggest internet dating agency have?)
25. Joe and Kathleen finally arranged to meet. (what did Joe and Kathleen arrange about?)

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