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que significa ' echa pa'alla' ?

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    depende del contexto echa pa´alla,= echalo para allá

    echa pa'alla=echa para alla

    this means "move" like the meaning they are trying to convey is like "dance" or "shake it" as you might know pitbull was born to Cuban parents in Miami so this "echa'pa'alla" thing is from cuba you can listen to this song "sonora matancera-echa pa´ lla chico" at least that´s what I understand since I´m not from cuba ^^ I can´t really tell....I just heard that pitbull song but I can´t make out the part where he sings "Echa pa' allá, todo lo mano echa pa' allá " I don´t know if he´s saying "mano" or "malo" if it is "malo" he could be playing with words since "echa pa´ lla" means "throw it away" so he might be singing "throw away all the bad things=echa pa´lla todo lo Malo....

    dependiendo de donde era la persona que te lo dijo, aca seria como correrce para un lado (chile) o echalo para alla

    yes mean "move" but is ugly to tell one that way, "echa pa´alla" as for animals or things not to people .


    simplemente quiere decir "Hazme un sitio"

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