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daadash yani chi?

what is the meaning of daadash?

could you please give me an example of how to use it?

kheili mamnoonam :o)

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    If it's written this way: " daadash " it can be understood in two ways:
    1. دادش: his or her scream
    2. دادش: he/she gave it ---> this is a very formal and classic type of it's pronunciation.

    if it's this way: " dadash " or " daadaash " it would mean " Bro " non-formal way to call a brother

    dadash means brother
    but its informal
    an example:dadasham dars mikhoneh

    oh daadash?????????///
    he eh
    daadash means his or her shout

    Hi dear, it means Brother , or Bro !!!

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