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Swahili phrase, "strength to your elbow"?

my grandad is from south africa (kenya) and he has a phrase he uses all the time, he says it means something like "strength to your elbow" or "put some welly into it", i would really like to know the correct spelling of the word in swahili, and what it actually means

i will spell it phonetically

(ti - an - goo - foo)

it really means alot to me and him

so please, if you know the correct spelling of the word, and the translation i would very much appreciate it


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    Perhaps ask the person whose email is at this link

    I think that the word you have phonetically spelt is nguvu - which means strength or force. But that is a singular word and not a saying. However kiswahili is more complex than that so quiz your grandfather about more of the saying.

    Hope it helps.

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