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我是 vs. 我叫 what is the difference?

In my studying, I've seen both used to introduce yourself. Is there a difference? Are both used normally? Is one more normally used? Is one more formal? Is one used in one part of China, and the other in another part? Thanks.

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    after 我叫~ only, always add "your name"
    after 我是~ can add "name" or "call" or "your country" or " your city" 任何可以形容你自已的方式,都能加在我是后面。

    我叫+your name
    我是+your name、career、where are you from
    我 是 Rachel, 我是一位老师,我是中国人。
    my name is Rachel,i'm a teacher, i'm chinese

    When you want to tell someone your name for the first time, the "wo jiao" is more normally used, which makes the sentence focus on your name. When you use "wo shi", the intention is usually getting someone who has known your name to distinguish you from others.

    我是: I am...
    我叫: MY name is .....

    is it clear to you ?

    是 = the verb "to be"
    叫 = the verb "to call"

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