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How can say " Let's go smoke Shisha" in Egyptian Arabic?


Ahlan ya aS7aby, I want to invite a friend to hang out and have a good time.
How can I invite my friends to hang out y3ani to spend time together in Egyptian Arabic?

I also want to learn how to say " I want to talk to you. I want to see you".

In the Arab world is it ok for women to smoke? I have heard some men complain that it's bad manners for women like they're sexist. But I see many women don't care. I see that everybody loves to smoke in Arab countries likes it's not a bad habit.

Personally I don't like to smoke or drink alcohol.
Can you suggest a healthier way to have fun?

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    when i signed i just saw the title of your entry :D
    so to invite someone you can say: after greetings and so on :
    تعال/تعالي نخرج بره النهارده
    ta3ali or t3ala no5rog barra el-naharda means come to hangout today !
    or if u want it as a Q : shall we hangout today >> use tegy instead of ta3ala تيجي

    egyptian slang: i want to talk to u i want to see you ,, انا عايزه اكلمك ..انا عايزة اشوفك
    formal : انا اريد التحدث معك.. انا اريد ان اراك
    if youre talking to a girl u say اراكِ اكلمِك اشوفِك معكِ
    if a boy you say اكلمَك اشوفَك

    about smoking some women smoke some not, where to go: you can have dinner ,go shopping or play video games . it depends on where do u live

    يلا/تعالي نشرب شيشة !

    Yala/ta3ala neshrab shisha

    to say i want to speak to you in egyption you say "ana 3ayza akalemak or 3awza akalemak "
    as for "i want to see you" you can say "3awza ashofak" and if u want to invite him/her out you say "eh rayak nro7 _____?" and you can fill in the blank where ever place you wanna go like eh rayak nro7 cafe?
    and its totally ok for women to smoke so don't worry about it :)
    as for places where you can have fun, well am from syria i don't know any places in Egypt :( sorry

    In moroccan arabic "nemshiu kma el shisha"


    Yala nehadab for smoking drugs hahaha

    well, let me start by when you want to hang out it depends mainly where you live and also those other friends you gonna hang out with, well there are some ways here to say that;
    ‎مش عاوزين تخرجو - mish 3awzeen ti7'rogo = don't you guys want to hang out ?
    ‎مش عاوزين نعمل حاجه - mish 3awzeen na3mil 7aga = don't you guys wana do something?
    ‎عايزين نخرج فين
    3awzeen ni7'rog fain ?= where do you wanna hang out ?
    ‎ما تيجو نتغدي‫/‬ نتعشى بره - mateego nit3'adda/nit3asha barra= lets go have lunch/dinner somewhere
    ‎نتقابل فين - nit2abil fain = where to meet ?

    and as daddy said : I want to talk to you, I want to see you ,, انا عايزه اكلمك ..انا عايزة اشوفك

    well, there lots of woman smoke or drink here but in some places its not really common to women setting on the Public Cafes "the Ahwa", so you might catch the eye of every one ..
    Let me Give you thump up for not smoking or drinking :)
    and let me recommend you some staff of what could be done -i actually do it- : Running , swimming , Biking, visit art galleries or attend music concerts ;)
    Good luck and keep positive :)

    هيا نمشو انشيشو

    it means * yalla neshrab shisha ) ok

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