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whether the French language is hard to learn?

For learning: French
Base language: English
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    It's a rich language, so not really hard to be able to be understood but to write it well, yes.
    At least for indonesian the accent is not a problem, and you dont have to learn a writing like for many asian language chinese, thai.

    indonesians speak french better than english people thanks to the "non accent".



    It is a difficult language to learn but if you're motivated it is not so hard... You can contact me if you have skype ...
    Good luck! = Bonne chance!

    It's not very hard language, It needs just good teachers.
    No languages are hard or easy in themselves. In all depends how similar they are to the language you are learning. The more they are common, the less it will be difficult. They more they are diffrent, the more it will be difficult. Generally, if languages have the same language family or are from really close roots it should be easier.

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