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Which language learning program seems to work the best if your goal is to learn fast?

Thanks for the help...

For learning: German
Base language: German
Category: Other


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    Why do you write in English if you are learning German? They say in Russia that only cats can make love fast. Who knows how your brain works to give you advice.

    I don't know much but the basic strategy of rapid language learning are;

    1. Get the right resources for learning: A grammar book, memorization software, and films/books.
    2 .Get a private tutor. You want one for at least a month. I recommend four hours/day.
    3. Attempt to speak and think only in the new language. Every time you can't remember a word, put that word into your memorization software. Practice your vocabulary daily.
    3. Find friends, language partners, and other speakers of the language. Once you can have basic conversations with your private tutor, you need to find other partners. If you haven't already, think about moving to the country where the language is spoken. Consider a group class. Practice continuously.

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