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Hi....Is there any special use of the letter→ğ

I have learned Turkish for,like,2 days...and I wanna know why is this letter ğ not pronounced in words and sentences..and is there any special use of this letter? lengthen the vowels or something?
I really appreciate it if you'll answer this question....teşekkür ederim^^

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    In fact it's pronounced. But since you have started your learning just recently, it is normal you have difficulty with ğ sound. It's the hardest one to learn.

    In English it's equal to "kh" sound. We call it soft g.
    The sound comes from your throat. If you have difficulty, don't force yourself to sound a sharp "kh". Ğ is very soft and that's why you almost don't hear it. For example, when saying "yağmur" (rain), we sound like yaaamur, just lengthen the "a sound" and it will be totally fine.

    PS. We don't have any words starting with ğ, it can only be placed somewhere in the middle or at the end of the word. (sağlam, ağaç, öğretmen, kuğu, bağ)

    "ğ" extends in front of the vowel. Example : dağ = mountain . dağ pronunciations like daa in Turkish.

    rica ederim :)

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