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Recommend Spanish TV Series or sitcoms

Hola Amigos,

Based on my experience in learning languages, I think one the best methods to improve the language is watching TV Series.

When I started learning Spanish I found a sitcom in YouTube called "Extra@ Español" and it was very helpful and funny.

Now I'm looking for Spanish TV series or sitcoms that have a clear Spanish for a beginner like me :), please recommend one .


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    The BBC has a kind-of-sitcom for beginners. It's name is Mi Vida Loca and you can print the transcription, do related exercises etc.


    My favorite all time argentine sitcom is called Todos Contra Juan. It's about a child actor who's grown up and hasn't been able to make it back in the business. Hilarious. An argentine novela (1hr show) that's quite good is La Lola. It's about a womanizer named Lalo who's been transformed into a woman and now he has to figure out how to live and have his career as a woman named Lola. In both shows they use a porteno accent so they do speak fast. I recommend the first because they try to use the same catch phrases over and over ("y ahora me lo decis?!?")

    Algunas comedias:

    In Spain

    - Aguila Roja
    - La que se avecina

    You can start with these series.

    En mi opinión las series de TELECINCO: La que se avecina, de la que soy fan, Aida, ... tienen muchas expresiones que pueden llevar a error a la persona que quiera aprender español (pinchito, cuqui... jeje), si bien son muy divertidas.

    Las series de la Primera Cadena - RTVE (Amar en tiempos revueltos, Aguila Roja, ...) si bien son menos interesantes desde el punto de vista de la acción, puede que sean más fructíferas para que aprendan nuestro idioma.

    Creo que la serie: SIETE VIDAS (a pesar de ser de TELECINCO) está a caballo entre ambos conceptos... es divertida y puede ser de gran utilidad para aprender el idioma.

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