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check my story pls.

the story is as following:

Long time ago.there was an elephant who used to live in the heaven. in the kindom of heaven. once upon a day, it escaped from heaven went down to the earth looking some fun. it had been travelling all over the world but got injured when it is in GuiLin. the kindness Guilin people cured it. it was thankful and after that it settled down in GuiLin. Soon after. it was found that the elephant escaped from heaven. the emperor of the heaven sent a general went to look for the it. one day, the general found it drinking water at the Li river. the general said : beast,will you go back with me? elephant said : no , i wont , i found here is more suitable for me. the general got upset . pulled out a big sword and stabbed into the back the elephant . the elephant dead . over time, turned into rock. so the elephant hill...

if you were me. what's would u put out the story , in a more correct way or more vivid. pls...

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