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maximum time for learning.. suggestions please

Assalaam o Alaikum...
i am done recently my graduation in arabic.
Now i have started My Masters in It. it is course of 2 years almost.
i have a year left for the preparation of first part that gonna held on 2013 nov.
i jsut wanna ask here to those who have looked at my recent arabic grammar and vocabulary, and those who dont, that what is the maximum and minimum time/duration of leaerning arabic well enough to write by yourself and explain things simply but also i have to gain good marks.recommend for me the best books(but not a lot of them. i have already a couple of books dowloaded. but started reading only 2 i.e madina arabic books and Al-Ajrummiya.) please guide me all of u. how can i improve more and more my Arabic skills of writing well? and its duration please. an estimate please :)
waiting anxiously 4 reply.

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    a language learning never ends, you keep improving until death, but i think 5 years of learning will give you the ability of reading, understanding, expressing yourself well. lots of books are in the market, Medina series is great, also alkitab 2, and 3, which are used in the American and European university, i also use them in teaching my curriculum, are very good, lots of luck, let me know if you need any help

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