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what does it mean?

My friend asked me " 몇시 학교야 자긴?"

I got the first two words ..
자긴?what does it mean?

she wrote it as "몆시 하교야 자긴?"

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    자기는 (뭐해)

    1. oneself or one's body,
    자기의 일은 스스로 해라.
    Do your work by yourself.

    2. appellation: you, honey, darling. etc
    자기야, 지금 뭐해?
    honey, what are you doing?

    First, 하교 means come home from 학교.

    몆시 하교야 자긴[자기는]?
    What time do you finish school?

    1. oneself 2. darling, honey, you
    in that case, means 2

    Different version:
    자긴[자기는] 몇시에 하교야?

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