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Why"è la loro"not "è loro"?

è la camera delle due amiche?
Si,è la loro.

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    You can use la loro if you put the name pratically ! E' la loro camera in this case is correct because I've put the name (camera )! E' loro is correct too but you use when you don't put the name infact in "E' loro " there isn't the name ! You say the same thing but in one case you are more complete if the person wich you are talking doesn't know that you've talked about the camera ! If the person wich you're talking knows that you are talking about camera you use only E' loro to make more fluenty your spoken expression I hope to be useless for you XD!


    Here are some possibilities in this case:

    -- Si`, e` quella loro;
    -- Si`, e` la loro;
    -- Si`, e` loro;
    -- Si`.
    -- proprio cosi`.

    E' la camera delle due amiche?
    Si,è la loro.
    No, non lo è. Questo lo si usa nelle forme negative.

    Perché le mie amiche vivono in una casa con giardino? Why my friends live in a house with a garden?
    Perché loro preferiscono le comodità. Because, they prefer the comfort.

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