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Why "Li scrivo nel quaderno."not"Scrivo nel quaderno?"

Can"Li"be omitted there?

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    Yes you can obmitted it's correct the same but the 2 expressions have different means ! With the first you write only I write on copybook Io scrivo nel quaderno ! In the second expression you write I write them in copybook Li scrivo nel quaderno and you refer to something in particultar to write in your copybook for example phrases or words ! Pratically both expressions are correct but you use for different situations ! The first is more general and means that you want only write on copybook ! The second is more specific to refer to something in particular to write in your copybook I hope that my explanation will be useless for you bye!


    A. hai scritto i nomi delle capitali europee ?
    B. adesso li scrivo sul quaderno.
    In the previous context /li/ is a /complemento oggetto/ and a pronoun for /nomi/;
    it is needed.

    A. come fai ricordarti tutto quello che dice il professore ?
    B. perche` scrivo [tutto] sul quaderno e poi a casa studio i miei appunti.
    Here the /complemento oggetto/ is optional.

    When asking about syntax patterns please give us a context, if you have! In this case your question can be answered only in a wider context.

    Io scrivo nel quaderno tutti gli appunti.
    Vado a casa e studio gli appunti.

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