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O que significa Tomara?

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    'tomara... ' está muito próximo de: 'Eu espero...'
    Ex1. Tomara que que o tempo esteja bom.
    Espero que o tempo esteja bom.
    Ex2. Para roupas
    'tomara que caia' é uma blusa sem alças.

    Tomara, can mean when you are betting or you hope that some things come to happen.
    ex. I betting that you fall up from your bike because you´re not using a safety equipament.
    Tomara que você caia da sua bicicleta porque você não esta usando nenhum equipamento de segurança.

    Is rainning all the week, I hope that tomorrow shine.
    Esta chovendo a semana toda, tomara que amanhã faça sol.


    Tomara is very used to wish something to happen!

    Tomara que você aprenda Português rapidamente > May you learn Portuguese quickly

    It has no literal meaning to English since even in Portuguese it comes from the verb: Tomar (to take, to get and a lot of other meanings) first and third-person singular pluperfect indicative of tomar.

    Tomara que você tenha entendido as explicações:
    Hope you have understood the explanations.

    "Tomara" is an interjection to express desire.

    It isn't exactly a verb. It's a word derived from the verb "tomar" (to take) but it isn't used with this meaning.

    I think that the closer English word to "tomara" is "hopefully".

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